The Start of 25

Well, this blog is dedicated to my year of being 25 years old. It’s a huge milestone age…you’re literally 5 years away from becoming 30. It’s a pivotal time in a young adult’s life because you sit and think… “What am I doing with my life? What have I accomplished? What am I going to do before I’m 30?” A bit overwhelming.

What am I doing for my year of 25? I’m blogging about it. Many attempts have been made in the past to start “a new blog” for myself, but nothing seemed to stick.

What makes this time “different?” Because it is a milestone year, I want to do more exciting things with it. Things I’ve never done before. Experience new things I’ve never felt before. I’ve been living under a rock for the longest time and I’m ready to try new things.

**I’m not going to document every single day of my life on this blog. I live a pretty routine life, but I will write about the events that happen.

So this story begins with my birthday on Cinco de Mayo of 2016. The day I turned 25. My best friend (and roommate) said she had something BIG planned for me. She specifically told me to not plan anything for my birthday. Okay—it’s not like I had anything planned anyway.


When I walked into work, the office had gotten me a mini-potted flower and cupcakes from Trader Joe’s, which was a surprise already as it was because I wasn’t expecting anything. It was super nice and it almost brought me to tears.

I went home to get ready to go to a restaurant my best friend had made reservations for. She wouldn’t tell me anything about it, my boyfriend wouldn’t tell me about it…I was left in the dark. We took an Uber.

Our Uber driver was so interesting to talk to. He used to be a successful hip-hop artist and actor and has met almost everyone in the trade. Unfortunately, some bad biz went down and things didn’t work out for him in the long run. It was really cool to get that insight from someone who’s been through the trenches and can share their wisdom with us young folk. Really puts everything into perspective. One of the funniest moments of the car ride was when he was trying to guess how old we all were. My boyfriend is 24 and when he told our driver, our driver said, “24?! You look fuckin’ 12!” and it was so hilarious the way he said it.

Here’s the best part of the night…we arrived to Ago on Melrose—a restaurant to which Robert De Niro is co-owner. We walked into the lobby/seating area and my best friend gave her name to the hostess, and the hostess replied, “Oh, yes! Party of 6!”

Party of 6? Who did she call to come to this dinner?


I walked into the restaurant and I immediately saw my family sitting at a table! In my state of shock I kept repeating, “OH MY GOD! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” All eyes in the restaurant were on me, wondering what the big commotion was, but I didn’t care. Tears were in my eyes and I was sooooo happy they were there.

Needless to say it was a great dinner with great food and great company. It never crossed my mind that my family would fly out to see me for my birthday. For the rest of the weekend, I spent quality time with them.

It was a great way to start my year of 25.


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