Vegas with Robert

Going to Vegas isn’t exactly a new thing for me and Robert, but it was an amazing trip.

I took a half-day so that we could beat the traffic going to Vegas after work, and we got there in time for dinner. We dined at Nobu at the Hard Rock Café hotel and casino. We’ve been to the Nobu location at Malibu but I was scrapping by financially at the time, so this time around, I wanted to shower Robert with fine dining to make up for it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

If you ever find yourself at a nice sushi restaurant, try the beef tataki cold dish at least once in your life. It’s thinly sliced and seared Kobe beef resting in ponzu sauce, and it is to die for. Be forewarned that it is a pricey plate, but it’s worth it. Robert had never heard of it before, but when he ate it that night, he absolutely loved it.

After dinner, he went down to the casino and I went to bed early, tired from the trip. He came back within an hour or two and it seemed like a peaceful first night. Or so we thought…

Around 1AM we heard someone screaming and crying bloody murder outside the hall. It woke both of us up and we waited for it to pass—thinking it was just another drunk group of people. But the sound didn’t go away. There was a girl and a guy arguing and they were staying in the room literally across the hall from us. Even when they went into their private room with their door closed and our door closed, we could still hear them. At one point we debated calling hotel security to get everything sorted. Before we could act, hotel security was knocking on their door, and it was taken care of. There were a group of 5 cops/guards in the hallway and someone interrogating the couple of what happened. Not sure what happened the rest of that visit, but we finally went back to sleep.

The next day we went to have lunch with one of my best friends from college. We went to downtown Vegas, which reminded me of Sixth Street from Austin, TX. We ate at a pub-type place where they had a dish called “Garbage Fries (or Tots).” It sounds not appetizing but it’s actually a delicious fat meal.


During this lunch, I learned that my best friend was moving to Colorado with her boyfriend! I admire her and her explorative spirit. She’s always trying new things and expanding her horizons, not staying put like me. Guess that means I’ll have to visit Colorado at some point, right?

Vegas-4_YearOf25After lunch, they took us to a little plaza area that was constructed of storage spaces. You know those color metal storages spaces?

Well the outer walls and spaces were made out of those things. It was a cute place to go during the day with all the shops, the kids playing in the sandbox…but apparently at night, there is a timeframe to go in for people 21 years old and over. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go during that time, but it sounds like fun. We’ll have to go back to experience that!

As a birthday gift to me, Robert took me to the Cirque du Soleil show for LOVE featuring songs by The Beatles. I’ve been to the Cirque show for KA, but not this one and I’ve wanted to see it for years now.

Without giving too much away, I will say that it is a very colorful, feel-good show. I loved all the characters, the songs, the acrobatics and the entire atmosphere. It’s amazing what humans can do to put on a show like this. The skill, the performance, the sense of community they exude is infectious. If you’re a Beatles fan, definitely go see this show!


For the rest of the night, we spent time in the casino and then packed up to be ready to head home on Sunday. We left pretty early the next morning to, again, beat the traffic, and we were able to relax the rest of the day and night at home. We camped on the bed all day, playing games, watching gaming videos and enjoying a lazy Sunday together.

What a great weekend, indeed.


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