Power Networking on Sunset Blvd.

One of my goals since I moved to LA has been to go out and network more and meet new people. Expand my horizons and explore the city.

There was a new Power Networking event at Los Globos that the magazine was promoting and giving magazines to distribute at. It was its inaugural event, and they asked us to submit artists to perform in a showcase setting. I like helping out with events and especially helping emerging artists get their time to shine so I submitted a few names.

Of my submissions, Alfa Garcia was selected to perform. She’s a great gal. The magazine has featured her in different issues, so she was a good catch! She’s an indie-acoustic pop artist who’s signed with a label based in San Diego.

The event aims to be a premiere-networking event for anyone in the industry. Hang out after work, grab a couple of drinks and mingle. While all that is happening, a few artists perform to entertain guests.

As soon as I arrived, I immediately display the magazine’s poster. Then I went to put a copy of magazine on all the tables and people were asking me for copies—love that feeling! After setting them all up, I saw someone taking a photo with our poster—an independent artist whom I introduced myself and informed her to sign up (for free!) for our New Music Critique reviews.


Later on, after having a drink, Alfa was setting up to play soon. I had a feeling I was going to be put on the spot to introduce her and talk about the magazine…and I was right—I’m pretty intuitive about that kinda stuff. But yes, I had to go up on stage, promote the magazine on a microphone to a group of people in a room. I have terrible stage fright—talking in front of people gets me shaken in my boots, but I managed to keep it cool. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and take a breath and fly.

Alfa gave a great performance. Music that you would listen to on the beach, hanging in a hammock and basking in relaxation. She’s got a simple set up, really, a guitar and a ukulele and her angelic voice. Check her out if you’re reading this.

After she performed a few more people introduced themselves to me, but I didn’t hang around too long because I had to pack for a trip when I got home.

I’m still not 100% comfortable at networking events. I’m still the awkward girl who rambles about stupid shit, haha. But I’m still trying!


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