Sister’s College Graduation

Your younger sister graduating college is a very big day for a big sister. She’s crossing the threshold into adulthood and embarking on a new adventure to her new life. No more school, no more homework, no more long nights of studying, no more all-nighters, just pure freedom, sorta.

Anyways it was a short trip. I took a Friday off since that was the day she was walking. My parents scored a condo at the Hyatt Hill Country Golf Club and Spa–two hotel rooms separated by a door. We shared it between the four of us (mom, dad, sis and me), my grandparents and three of my uncles. Full house!

It was surreal seeing all of the 2016 University of Texas College of Communication graduates standing in the Frank Erwin Center, waiting to finally finish their schooling careers, anticipating that moment crossing the stage with diploma in hand. Personally, it was crazy to be back there…3 years ago I was those same graduates, about to move to Los Angeles a week later.

For the next few hours, my family and I were constantly trying to find my sister in the sea of graduates. Sometimes we saw her, sometimes we lost her…but I’m hella proud I was able to snag this photo:


Finally, it was time for my sister to walk across the stage. She said that it happened so fast she didn’t feel like she graduated afterwards. She still doesn’t feel like it at this moment in time. But nevertheless, she did it–she conquered schooling and accomplished four years, and we are so proud of her.


For the rest of the weekend, the family spent time lounging, eating and drinking at the hotel. Anytime we go on vacation, we eat like kings and queens with so much food, delicious food at that. My parents cook amazing food–like Asian-marinated pork ribs, racks of lamb, spicy clams, bread & cheese; unf–and we had so much alcohol to drink and talk about funny stories and memories. At times, deeper, serious talks too.

During the day, we floated along the lazy river at the hotel. It was so relaxing–we hadn’t done that in years…high school I think! My poor sister was not feeling well this weekend, bless her heart, and so she was pretty out of it even though we were just floating. Wish she coulda enjoyed it more! Later, my uncles and my parents came out and joined in on the festivities and it was a lot of fun!


My parents made reservations for dinner at at the Eilan hotel area, and we were celebrating my sister’s graduation and my dad’s birthday. I feel awful, though, cause I was not feeling well that night. I probably had too much sun and a little too much to drink and constantly going on with the day without a second to rest brought me to complete exhaustion. I wish I could have tasted my plate when it was freshly made instead of as leftovers the next morning.


After dinner, we went back to the hotel and my sister and I passed out watching The Devil Wears Prada. The next day went by quickly since I had to fly back to LA. Again, it was a short trip, but well worth it. I don’t get to see my family enough as it is living so far away, and I definitely wouldn’t miss my sister’s big day for the world.


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