Streaming on Twitch TV is a live-streaming platform that’s been around for awhile, and the second annual Twitch Con is coming in October. What I’ve seen it used the most for is live gaming–people playing video games and talking with their viewers in the chat.

After stumbling upon this I’ve been watching and keeping up with a few streamers. It’s a fun environment and yeah, it happens over the Internet but it’s a community. Not only is it enjoyable watching and interacting with the streamer, it’s enjoyable chatting and carrying fun, hilarious conversations with people around the world.

Why is this relevant to me? Last 4th of July, Robert had a friend over and they were online gaming, so I entertained myself with playing Splatoon on the Wii U. (Super fun game by the way) After awhile, Robert’s friend asked me if I had ever thought about streaming–said it would be fun, people would love me so I should consider it. Robert jumped on board and offered to be my manager and help me out.

TwitchTV_splatoon_YearOf25Image from

I made it a goal to start streaming in 2016, so over the next few months, I bought a PC, mouse, keyboard, the works (thanks Black Friday!). 2016 came around and I never got around to actually streaming that is until…this one weekend in May.

Robert had built me a new computer to trade out the one I bought so it would run better and faster. He was staying with me for the weekend, and he sprung on me that I was going to start streaming. Uh. Whut. I wasn’t prepared for that!

TwitchTV_runescape_YearOf25Image from

The first stream I ever did was of Runescape. It’s an older game but recently got popular again. Robert created an account for me and I streamed myself going through the “Tutorial Island,” which is a beginners course to the game. First time playing the game while first time streaming, and surprisingly, it was fun! A few people came into my stream and were talking with me and enjoying watching me fail at this game so hard.

Before deciding to start streaming, I was struggling with myself internally. I’ve been playing games since I was little, but I don’t claim to be a pro gamer. The people I watch are really good at games and I’d feel like a fraud or a poser to start doing my own thing. But to my surprise, streaming was a lot more chill and fun plus I get to play games again. So I streamed a few more times that weekend and even days afterwards when I had my room to myself.

It took awhile to get there to take the first step, but I most definitely am going to try and do it more often when I can! My channel is: but right now I’m not active. You can follow my channel and an email will be sent to you when I log on!


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