Slim Down Challenge DAY 3

Today was probably my most accomplished day. I didn’t feel as sluggish–maybe it’s cause I sneaked in a little coffee to start my morning–I felt super productive at work, I managed to run for 15 minutes and lo and behold I actually quite fancied my dinner (but more on that later).

Admittedly this morning I woke up feeling rather bad and sickly…bad because I had a bad dream that I was on someone’s hit list and they randomly drove by and tried to shoot me but killed the people next to me and my car…sickly because I had a stuffy and runny nose, exhausted, not feeling 100% at all. But I pushed myself to get up, get my ass to the gym and do the workout for the day (see below).


Seemed more doable than the previous day, and it definitely was. I did both sets of workouts–it was a little hard cause my body was still sore from the day before. There were definitely moments where I wanted to give up and “cheat” (aka planking for a minute) but I told myself to keep going and did it. I did the whole thing!

Where did coffee come into this? As I was eating my breakfast egg muffins, I thought…maybe I should have some coffee…but decided against it. Then I started driving to work and my eyes were so heavy. When I arrived to work, I felt I needed a little pick me up, so I went to the bakery a couple doors down and got a small coffee and it did me wonders.

For the majority of the day I was on fire and getting through all of my work. Lunchtime was sort of a drag. I need to find new recipes cause just plain chicken, broccoli and quinoa has no flavor, it’s dry and unappetizing. I’m thinking of making honey mustard chicken spanned out for the week or at least a few days and make a separate dipping sauce.

When I got home I went straight into workout mode. I was a little worried because after working out this morning, I felt the hurt really bad. My legs were stiff and I could barely walk normally–that’s where the bulk of the soreness is, so I was planning to just walk for 30 minutes on the treadmill. However, I was feeling up to it so I ran. And to make sure I didn’t wear myself out too much I ran in intervals:

5 minute running
2 minute brisk walking/mini cool down
5 minute running
4 minute brisk walking/mini cool down
5 minute running
walked the rest of the time

The most exciting part of my day, very surprisingly, was my dinner, which I was originally dreading cause I hate salads. Dinner for tonight was Strawberry Cobb Salad.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Firstly, this was a salad, which as mentioned, I hate. Secondly, chicken + strawberries AND onions?! It sounds gross, gross, gross. But everyone knows that saying “Never judge a book by its cover” and it held true for me. It was incredibly delicious that it put me into a state of shock. Y’all this was so mind blowing to me. I’m so glad that this was part of the challenge.

Today was definitely a better day. I hope the next two days go over smoothly. I’m starting to think about how I can change my habits and implement the stuff I’ve done this week. I’ll post those on Friday!


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