Picking up from where I left off…

Happy New Year, everyone!

I did the thing where I didn’t keep up with the blog as planned. Disappointing but life just got so busy and crazy that I couldn’t find time to write anymore.


No more excuses. For this year, 2017, it’s a New Year’s resolution to pick up blogging again. And I’m not going to have 5 different ones serving a separate purpose (photography, fashion, personal, etc.). It’s all going to be right here in one, but for those curious, feel free to take a gander at my past works:

Photography: sirisvayphotography.tumblr.com

Fashion: girlinthecombatboots.tumblr.com

Music: girlwiththeboomingheadphones.blogspot.com

The events and blogs that happened in between July 4th and today will be written alongside my regular posting. My goal is to post daily, even if nothing particular enticing happens that day but just to write any feelings I’m feeling—trust me, there will be those deep, pensive, emotional posts.


What’s happened lately? Probably the biggest change in my life most recently is that Mr. Man and I are no longer together. Will spare you readers the complicated details, but this needed to happen…for his sake. They say if you love someone, you should let them go, and that’s something I’m working towards accepting every day despite how much hurt I have to endure. We’re working on being friends, and I’m truly happy for him and he will always have a special place in my heart. That’s all I’m going to say.

Plus, this gives me time to focus on me and explore new avenues of life and hobbies. I went a little crazy the last few months with trying to hide my pain in partying and alcohol, I admit it, and I quickly realized that that’s not healthy. So I made a lot of bullet points for myself to work towards in 2017 including blogging, getting back into fashion, consistent Twitch streaming, exercising, cooking healthier meals, etc.


So if you’re ready to embark on my new journey with me, I would love the company. For anyone reading, leave your thoughts or comments on my posts about anything you’re thinking about. Or if you prefer shorthand, you can follow me on social media:

Twitter: @sirisvay

Instagram: @sirisvay

Snapchat: @sirisvay

Twitch TV: /sirisvay

Let’s see what 2017 holds!


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