FOOD: Curry

First…watch this video:

For whatever reason, watching this scene from Persona 4: Golden randomly inspired me to try and make homemade curry. My family makes delicious curry whenever we get together on weekends or holidays, and we recently had it on Christmas day so why not try it myself?

There aren’t too many ingredients and the instructions are pretty simple–from what my mom told me to do. The only setback for me was that I had to make two trips to two different stores: Ralphs for 99% of the stuff and 99 Ranch Asian store for the one little can of curry paste. I was quite distraught when Ralph’s didn’t have it on the shelves.

After eating the curry dinner, my conclusion was that it was sort of bland to me. You could smell the aroma of the curry quite well in the apartment, but it didn’t match intensity or flavor on the tastebuds. My roommates said it was good and it tasted great, but it wasn’t my family’s rendition. In addition, in comparison, my paternal grandma’s recipe has the end result in flavorful, thick yellow curry while mine was a little more soupy (despite using an entire can of coconut milk) and more red/orange.

This difference in outcome could be on account of a few things that I did differently than what my mom’s recipe called for:

• used dried rotisserie chicken instead of raw chicken (takes longer to cook)
• used light organic coconut milk instead of regular
• used sprinkled salt instead of fish sauce (cause we didn’t have any)

So next time, I’ll do the real thing. Cooking is all about trial and error–no one, especially me, gets it right the first time. But what a great way to kick off #SiriCooks2017! All because I watched a scene from a video game.



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