GAMING: Beating FFX HD on Twitch

The biggest accomplishment of the day is that I finally finished Final Fantasy X: HD Remaster on Twitch! This game has been on my stream since September, and it’s finally been beaten.

Not gonna lie, it was quite the struggle fighting the last major boss, Jecht. No matter how high level I’ve been, it was so hard and stressful to defeat. Luckily, I didn’t have to re-do or replay that battle, otherwise I probably would have cried. Got pretty close to dying though cause two of my party members were dead several times and had to Mega-Phoenix that shit.

Not only that, but I made the major mistake of summoning an aeon (Anima) and using the overdrive mostly because when you do that, it give your opponent endless turns. Basically doing the Oblivion overdrive worked against me cause Jecht kept healing himself and undoing all the damage I had inflicted. In addition, I used a regular attack and it did just as much, if not more, damage without having to sacrifice all those wasted turns. If I had just attacked a few times, the battle would have been over.

Because of my misjudgment, Jecht had 12,000HP left after he killed Anima. His overdrive was full and using Tidus’ talking command option was gone. I had two turns until he got to go, so I took a leap of faith and used Tidus’ Slice & Dice overdrive and Wakka’s Element Reels and PULLED IN CLUTCH AND KILLED JECHT. Holy moly was I ecstatic.

The last battle is one that the game is nice enough to ensure you don’t have to restart–the final showdown with Yu Yevon (and your aeons that he takes over). For the most part I cheesed it cause with Yuna’s final weapon, everything magic-wise costs only 1MP, so I used Holy white magic on every aeon and killed them in one hit. However, before I even thought about using Holy at the very beginning, I fought the Magus Sisters and IT. WAS. IMPOSSIBLE. Hindsight I was an idiot to not even think about using Holy cause I’m just used to battling with everyone in my party. The last of the three sisters kept healing herself every time by draining one of my party member’s health. Ridiculous.

One funny thing that happened was that as soon as I beat the game and was gonna watch the ending cutscenes and credits, Chris from WRTP hosted me and brought a lot of viewers to my channel. Bad timing, haha! But it was awesome to feel the support even though the game was ending right there.

On to the next game! I think I’m going to play through Undertale again and play the Pacifist route.



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