DAILY: 1/14/17

Today was supposed to be the day that I saw Jemuhni play live for the first time.

However…that didn’t happen.

Jemuhni is an artist I met back at ASCAP EXPO in 2015, I believe. I was at the Music Connection booth talking with industry folk and artists alike, and I talked to Jemuhni about getting a review in the magazine–we did a review of his music later on and he was a Top 25 New Music Critiques of the year.

Fast forward to 2017 where I submitted him to be considered for a showcase lineup for a Pre-NAMM industry mixer. He was accepted and was set to perform at The Airliner in front of partygoers as well as industry professionals, etc.

I got to the venue half an hour, maybe forty-five minutes after the doors had been opened but the venue was closed. Door was locked, and the show runner  was not around to be found.

As I was trying to get a hold of the guy in charge, I chatted with one of the artists hanging  who was supposed to perform in 10 minutes, and he had no idea what was going on or anything. We started walking down the street, and I just happened to run into Jemuhni. We caught up on the situation and both reached out to the guy, and we decided to hang out at El Pollo Loco while we waited for an answer.

Admittedly, it was great meeting and hanging out with him and his bandmates, but I feel so awful that this whole situation was happening! 5PM rolled around–which is when the venue normally opens–and nothing had changed or been updated…The guys had other engagements they had to get to, so we waited around until 5:30PM and then we left.

It’s unfortunate that this performance couldn’t come to fruition, but it goes to show how vital communication is. I want to say that stuff like this doesn’t usually happen in the music industry, but it does. Communication in general is so important, but for some reason it doesn’t happen very often–things get lost in translation a lot. Most people would throw a fit but I was glad to see that the guys were really good sports about it. In the end, I told the show runner to put them on the next showcase for the Countdown to Grammys shindig, so hopefully that happens!



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