GAMING: Streaming VR at ZAW Studios

Productivity was the name of the game today.

First thing on the agenda was getting coffee with an old friend from high school. We went to my favorite cafe spot in North Hollywood called Republic of Pie and talked about our Twitch channels. He’s the producer of an open mic Comedy Night that happens every other Saturday called Dope Fades! Caught a bit of it the night before and it’s really cool to see different content being put out there on Twitch!


We also spent some time getting caught up and talked about how we got ourselves to LA, and honestly, it’s so awesome to reconnect with more friends and seeing how our journeys are going. Not only that but now we can also help each other out and grow and expand, etc. I think I may have convinced him to go to Twitch Con in Long Beach this year–hella stoked for that!


The rest of the afternoon and night was dedicated to testing out VR Gaming for my Twitch channel. ZAW Studios graciously let me use their space, their HTC Vive rig and had a “cage” set up for the VR gaming experience. We’ve gotten together before to bring this to fruition a couple of times before but we ran into major bumps–namely lack of webcam and then lack of Internet. So third time’s the charm!


And a charm it was! After spending a couple of hours setting everything up–camera, game, audio, two additional VR rigs–and testing the games and stream cameras, we went live! The game that we launched VR with was Arizona Sunshine. It’s one of the more interactive/advanced games I’ve seen so far mostly because your character is not stationary (like in Space Pirate or Serious Sam). You can actually move around, move forward, backward, eat things, open doors, etc.

To watch me playing Arizona Sunshine for the first time on FB live, click HERE!

It was a short 30-minute stream, but it was a test session nontheless to catch additional kinks/bugs/bumps that we need to address for next time! It’s all about progress and making each stream better than the next. Even in those 30 minutes I was really happy that it came together pretty smoothly. Seeing each frame on the screen was really awesome: a camera on the player moving in the space, a camera from the VR headset seeing what the player sees and footage of the actual game. And then I set up a little radio DJ table and sat behind the scenes with a microphone talking and commentating on what was happening.

The biggest kink we ran into was laggy, slow and pixelated upload speed, which we think can be easily remedied with a direct plugin with an ethernet cable. Other than that, everyone who stopped in said it looked really cool!

Streaming VR for the first time aside, I love hanging out at ZAW Studios with the owner, Adrian, and his crew and friends. It’s a great way to get people together to eat, talk, hang out, game and have a blast together. For me, streaming is a way for me to well, primarily get me playing video games again, but to also create a place for people to hang out and seek refuge. I’m all about that family mentality and love anyone who comes into my stream to hang out. That’s what the community is about and I think I’ve found that with a production team with ZAW Studios as well as any viewers and friends who come to my streams.

For anyone reading this, I want to send a big thank you to ZAW Studios, Adrian, my friends and my viewers for supporting me and my Twitch channel. I can’t wait to do more in the future!



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