FOOD: Strawberry Parfait Cups

The thing about eating healthy and staying health conscious with your diet is that it sometimes gets stale. Even if the food normally tastes good, you do get bored of it. It loses its flavor, flair and you lose your appetite. For me, it gets to the point of me gagging trying to swallow a mere bite of chicken and broccoli.

I’m constantly looking at recipes and recipe videos online trying to find inspiration for a new dish to incorporate into my palate.

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Enter Cassey Ho of blogilates. Primarily I work out to her videos online, but once I followed her on Instagram, one of the first things I saw was a short, simple and sweet (pun intended) recipe for frozen strawberry parfait cups. It’s literally just granola, chopped strawberries and coconut yogurt frozen in a muffin mold. So. Easy.

The Instagram post wasn’t quite clear on how many servings it made–although it seemed like it was two jumbo cups for breakfast–but I wanted to sub this in for a potential snack choice. So I made six little cups–two per morning snack each day.

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I gotta say they turned out pretty good. Admittedly I was pretty nervous about eating coconut yogurt, but it isn’t bad at all. Overall the parfait cup has a nice hint of tanginess to it so it’s not just tasting like 100% sugar.

Honestly, it’s a great snack, but I probably won’t make it every week or anything. I think I’ll stick to my fresh fruit as my snacks, but at least I have a new recipe in my book!



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