DAILY: 1/18/17

It’s the middle of production week at work, and it’s when I usually start getting stressed out, anxious and start freaking out about not getting my work done. I start thinking about literally everything I need to do and the room starts spinning and I keep staring at my To Do list trying to figure out where to start.

So much has to get done as it is, but during production week newer and newer things get stacked onto my plate and they all have to get done and can’t be postponed. I waste so much time trying to figure out how to proceed that I lose valuable time to actually be productive. Isn’t that ironic?

I randomly came across a photo of a neon sign that reads “Work Harder,” and for some reason I had this moment of clarity that this year I’m working so hard. In the past two weeks since I’ve been back in LA I’ve done so much good for myself and will continue to move forward. I’m not sitting on my ass, sulking, feeling sorry for myself–I’m staying active, staying motivated and pushing myself to do everything I set out to do. Always work harder than you are to avoid hitting a slump. That’s my mantra.

My biggest accomplishment of the day was inspired by Blue Dog Tavern. A couple of weekends ago, I went there with my roommate without knowing they served brunch. Thank goodness we went because we both had a dish called the Pulled Pork Hash, and it was incredibly delicious. I didn’t think I was going to finish it, but I ate the entire thing.


*Also, this is probably the most beautiful photo I’ve taken with my phone. It looks so good. So good, in fact, that Blue Dog Tavern reposted it onto their Instagram.

Weeks after that brunch, I was still talking about the hash like I had just eaten it, and I was even craving it. My other roommate/best friend and I have been taking turns making dinner at home, so I decided to make it for dinner tonight–this decision was partly due to her having tons of leftover pulled pork so it was quite serendipitous.

The longest process in cooking this would have probably been the pulled pork, but since we had that already, it was the potatoes. Potatoes take FOREVER to cook when they’re fresh and raw–chopping and sitting in the pan–but so worth it afterwards.

Once everything was cooked, I layered my bowl with a bed of golden crispy potato squares, then pulled pork, sprinkled shredded cheese, a spread of fresh avocado, a runny fried egg topped with sliced red onion slivers.


Oh my goodness. I forgive myself that the photo of my dish is not as pretty as the one I took from Blue Dog Tavern because it was so surprisingly delicious. I’d say 8 times out of 10 I’m usually “ehhh” about my cooking and find something to complain about, but this homemade pulled pork hash was amazing. So proud of myself for making something so tasty that I spent 7 minutes devouring it after spending 30-40 minutes making it. This is a definite must-make again. 10 out of 10.



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