DAILY: 1/19/17

The biggest accomplishment today was learning a new song–vocally and on guitar. The song is “Think of You” by Christina Grimmie (rest in peace).

Singing it is relatively easy, melodies are simple and you can catch on quickly, and the chords are not hard to play at all. In fact, they’re pretty much the same as “Liar, Liar,” which is also a Grimmie song. The challenge is finding the right strum pattern to go with the verses–that was a struggle for me.

For my Twitch stream tonight I spent about 30 minutes learning the song, but to be honest, it’s not the most entertaining bit. Thought I’d try it but eh, it’s pretty repetitive and dull. Can’t say I didn’t try. The goal was to learn it, and I did. Progress made! It’s not perfected yet, but at least I’ve got the hang of it.

For some reason, I had never listened to this song when it came out on her most recent album, but recently it resonated with me…for obvious reasons.

It’s been awhile, I should be moved on
‘Cause I shouldn’t be writing you this song
Haven’t crossed my mind for so long
But tonight you’re the movie, I want to leave on

We wished on these stars, they were ours

They remind me of you
I’m still letting you go, I just want you to know
That I think of you, think of you,
Think of you, think of you


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