GAMING: Starting “Undertale” Pacifist Run

Now that Final Fantasy X: HD Remaster is done on my Twitch channel, I’ve started a new playthrough! It’s Undertale. I’ve played it on stream before: I attempted to do a Genocide run but also a blind run, so I ended up getting a neutral one because I didn’t meet the requirements for the Genocide run.

This time around it’s a Pacifist run, which is the polar opposite of Genocide. Basically you don’t kill any monsters or gain any EXP, which sounds like it could be drag but it’s actually quite fun. I won’t give away too many spoilers though…

In the game I got through the Ruins, past Toriel and, I think, halfway through Snowdin. Battle mode is the hardest part of the game for me. When a monster is trying to attack you, you have to avoid getting hit and I completely suck at it–I even died while I was on stream.


The stream went really well, good turn out and people were into the game! And admittedly I was too cause I was doing my very best voice acting for the characters, haha! Papyrus is the most fun to voice cause he’s so over the top and animated. Can’t wait to do more Undertale!



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