LIFE/PHOTOGRAPHY: Lei Out Frisbee Tournament

It has been almost SEVEN long years since I’ve seen an ultimate frisbee game, been to a frisbee tournament and taken photos of frisbee. My first year of college I was in a serious relationship with a frisbee player, so naturally I made frequent appearances at said games and tourneys with the team H.I.P.

Fast forward to this past New Year’s when my sister and I stopped by aforementioned frisbee player-ex’s party that he and his family have every year–I hadn’t made an appearance at this shindig in years either, mind you. Anyway, point of the story is I got to talk and somewhat catch up with a few of the frisbee guys I used to see pretty regularly and they drunkenly invited me out to a tournament happening in Santa Monica.

When I got back to LA…it has literally been raining every day since the New Year began, but I kid you not, the day of the tournament was the only day that the sun actually stayed out with no rain in sight. Only downside is that it was hella cold and windy. I don’t know how the team was wearing shorts and sleeveless jerseys.

Back then, when I “took photos” of the matches, they were with an old school digital camera. You can imagine how cringe-worthy they came out being blurry and super zoomed in. However, this time around I had my trusty, right-hand Nikon D3100 to test my skills again–not only of taking sports photography but also getting the best shot by reading the frisbee disc in play. The sports mode shooting is your best friend here (;

Admittedly this isn’t my best work–I’m hella rusty at reading the disc, especially with how windy it was, but there are some gems in here and that’s all I’m happy about. Not only that but I got to catch up with more of the guys. Being there supporting the team felt incredibly great and nostalgic, and I was surprised at how much I missed hanging out with them. I’m telling you–this year has been about reconnecting with old friends but I’m not complaining. I love all my friends, new and old.

I don’t know when I’ll see them again, but I’m glad that we were able to talk and laugh like we used to. It’s always nerve-wracking hanging out with people you haven’t seen or hung out with in years cause you might be awkward or don’t know how to interact. But it definitely wasn’t the case today, and that makes me ecstatic!



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