FOOD: Potato Scallion Pancakes

So I have a new cookbook from Christmas and I took the liberty to mark the pages with little sticky notes so I can make all the recipes in the future. First on the list for my turn of brunch weekends with my roommate/best friend was a breakfast/brunch item called Potato Scallion Pancakes. Potatoes are the world’s favorite food, so any dish that has them in it is a must-eat in my book.


It’s a relatively simple recipe, just a lot of prep work—namely the cold mashed potatoes, which, if you decide to make this, you should make the day/night previous so it’s actually cold when you use it. My mistake was that I made the mashed potatoes portion right before cooking everything, so the consistency was too runny instead of more firm. I had to wait awhile for the potatoes to harden up a bit in the freezer before mixing it in with everything else.

Also, the instructions on how to chop the scallions went over my head and I accidentally cooked the pure green parts instead of the white part. I could tell cause the texture was not pleasant…I read the instructions again and it was like a hella delayed lightbulb.

The scariest part of making the pancakes was frying them on a pan of hot oil. I’m like Jessica Simpson when she cooks—squealing any time I get burned by popping hot oil (which I did get burned by the way). In addition, I hold a large glass pan cover to shield me from the splatters. The good news is they only take about 6 minutes to cook—3 minutes on each side.

Finished product wasn’t too bad. Sweeter and fluffier than I anticipated. The sweetness from the tiny hint of nutmeg and the fluffiness from the not so cold mashed potatoes. Trial and error, so next time we know how to make it better!

For finishing touches, I made two over-easy eggs and toasted two slices of wheat bread. I put the bread on the bottom, the potato pancake in the middle and the egg on top with dashes of red cayenne pepper! If I hadn’t ruined the greener parts of the scallions I could have chopped some up dry and sprinkled them on top, but you know.


I’d say the first recipe from this book was a success! It made plenty to serve and have for leftovers, and I’ll definitely be making it again. What are some of your recipes that have potatoes?!



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