GAMING: Successful VR Stream!

They say that the third time’s a charm! That is the case with my third time attempting to stream VR game night with ZAW Studios. We got the ethernet cable, and it worked wonders–visuals weren’t lagging or pixelated, much smoother. I was beyond elated that it was working splendidly.

Primarily it was just myself and the studio owner, Adrian, testing it out, playing the games and commentating on stream–using my new BLUE YETI MICROPHONE at that! I wish I could make it work on my actual streams at my home PC, but nonetheless, it worked at this stream night. We had the stream set up with a camera on the player, the player’s point of view camera and the game footage, and behind the scenes we had my laptop watching the stream and chat live and ZAW Studios was broadcasting live on Facebook of our activities.


The two games we played were Arizona Sunshine and Serious Sam: The Last Hope–both first person shoot (FPS) zombie games. According to my viewers, it was “hilarious” to watch me freak out and die in Arizona Sunshine. Admittedly, I’m sure it was fun to see me turn around in the game and scream when there was a zombie behind me breathing down my neck, however, I could not, for the life of me, figure out the controls of reloading and dropping the bullet clip the first few playthroughs.

A handful of people came to the studio and watched on the outskirts of the VR cage. Then a couple of guys volunteered to try it out, and it was pretty funny to see them die within a few minutes without getting a single kill! I love getting these first-time players (of not just the game but VR in general) live on camera to see their genuine reactions.

Streaming aside, it’s been thoroughly enjoyable experiencing the VR gaming. I’ve played my fair share of FPS games–namely the Halo franchise–but these games are bringing it to a whole new level. Immersing yourself into a game like that feels amazing. Can you imagine if we ever get to the level of virtual gaming like in Sword Art Online? Putting on a helmet and your entire body and sense of self is in the game.


With the success of our first legit VR stream, new conversations have opened up between Adrian and myself. Won’t reveal anything just yet, but we’ve got things in motion for the year! Stay tuned, y’all!



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