PHOTOGRAPHY: Corey Harper and Zane Carney at El Rey Theatre

Tonight was a night of pure musical performance. I have seen Corey Harper and Zane Carney on separate occasions, but to see them perform on the same night was amazing.

In December 2015 I saw Corey performing with Cody Simpson at his holiday show with Hollister–they had announced a new project called Coast House. Fast forward to this night, going to the show to review Corey’s performance for Music Connection magazine.

I first saw Zane with his band Carney back in college but never got to see the band play live ever. Fast forward to when I moved to LA and went to Ryan Cabrera’s birthday party and just happened to see Zane play solo. Amazing. Fast forward again to a few months ago when I took photos at Reeve Carney’s album release show and saw Zane perform with him.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the show. I was not too far from the stage and standing on a step but it still seemed pretty distant, but I’m actually quite pleased with what I took…gotta say that the zoom lens really helped a lot. Currently I’m using a Nikon D3100 camera.





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